Restricted Activities

Restricted Activities are elements of the Dietitians’ scope of practice that present a significant risk of harm and are reserved to those professionals specifically qualified to perform them.

The Restricted Activities are:

  • RA-A Design, compound or dispense therapeutic diets where nutrition is administered through enteral means.
  • RA-B Design therapeutic diets where nutrition is administered through parenteral means.
  • RA-C Administer a substance to a person by instillation through enteral means.
  • RA-D Administer a substance to a person by instillation through parenteral means.

Interpretive Guide: Restricted Activities. Last Updated March 2020.

As a registrant, you may register for Restricted Activities anytime through online services.

Restricted Activity Changes as of the 2020-2021 Renewal Year

  1. There are no longer fees for renewing restricted activities.
  2. Proof of competency for restricted activities is no longer required.
  3. During registration renewal you will need to select the restricted activities options available to you to confirm continuation of your restricted activities registration.
  4. You will be required to report on your restricted activities annually through your Continuing Competency Program (CCP) submissions.
  5. When applying for new or renewing registration of restricted activities, you will be required to sign a legal declaration confirming that you are competent to practice your restricted activities.
  6. If you want to add a new restricted activity, you can do so before or after your registration renewal through online services. There is a $27 administration fee when adding new restricted activities that you do not currently have.
  7. If you wish to discontinue a restricted activity registration you may unselect the restricted activity during renewal.

Some dietitians work in areas where they can become trained to insert Nasal/Oro Feeding tubes. This is an invasive procedure that is in a dietitian’s scope of practice when acting under the delegated authority of a medical practitioner and in accordance with specified standards. Please contact the college if this is an area of practice you are trained in.

Standards for Insertion of Nasal Oral Feeding Tubes

Declaration of Certification for Gastic Feeding Tube Insertion

Declaration of Certification for Post-Pyloric Feeding Tube Insertion