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Did you know that the CDBC isn’t an educational institution?

In BC, Dietitians and Nutritionists are not the same thing.

Indigenous Cultural Safety, Cultural Humility, and Anti-racism practice standard

11 BC Colleges, including CDBC, have adopted the Standard that will help set common expectations between health professionals when it comes to culturally safe care delivery and anti-racism practice. The College marked the release of the Standard on September 29 with a First Nations’ Blanketing Ceremony on the following day, September 30, as part of the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

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What is the CDBC?

The college of Dietitians of BC is dedicated to public protection.

We regulate and support Registered Dietitians for the enhancement of safe, ethical and competent nutrition services in diverse practice environments. The college is not an education institution and it does not provide dietitian services.


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Contingency Planning for Private Practice

Contingency Planning for Private Practice

Consider the following scenario. You have a thriving private practice, with many different types of clients. Some clients are at higher nutrition risk and require frequent follow up.  Something unforeseen occurs, requiring you to take time away from your practice or...

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Trauma Informed Practice

Trauma Informed Practice

Trauma is “when we have encountered an out of control, frightening experience that has disconnected us from all sense of resourcefulness or safety or coping or love” [1]. More specifically, trauma is “a process that involves the interaction between an event or series...

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Debating or Disagreeing Online or in Your Workplace

Debating or Disagreeing Online or in Your Workplace

It is always okay to debate, or question proposed polices/guidelines that represent a different way in which to approach healthcare/dietetic care than you would provide. “Arguing things … is at the center of our attempts to come to accurate beliefs about the world...

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