Did you know that the CDBC isn’t an educational institution?

In BC, Dietitians and Nutritionists are not the same thing.

CDBC is currently operating a virtual office re: COVID-19.

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What is the CDBC?

The college of Dietitians of BC is dedicated to public protection.

We regulate and support Registered Dietitians for the enhancement of safe, ethical and competent nutrition services in diverse practice environments. The college is not an education institution and it does not provide dietitian services.


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Registered Dietitians

Renew between March 1 and  March 31

Submit your annual CCP before March 31

Complete your criminal record check and jurisprudence examination every 5 years

New Applicants

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approved education program

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Register for the May or November Canadian Dietetic Registration Examination

News and Notifications

Cultural Safety and Humility Q&A

Cultural Safety and Humility Q&A

Cultural safety is an outcome based on respectful engagement that recognizes and strives to address power imbalances inherent to health care relationships. It results in an environment free of racism and discrimination, where people feel safe and supported to access,...

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Equity Diversity and Inclusion Report

Equity Diversity and Inclusion Report

Over the past year, CDBC engaged HRx Technology Inc., an EDI consulting firm, to conduct an audit of CDBC practices. CDBC reached out to registrants through a survey during the Fall 2020, conducted focus groups with dietitians from various backgrounds and individual...

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Applying for RD(t) registration Q&A

Applying for RD(t) registration Q&A

Please note, the application for registration is meant to be filled and completed in order of the tabs presented. Do not jump or skip parts of the application as you may not be able to go back to the previous page. For example, if you jump to the payment page, you...

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