Liability Insurance

Section 55 of the CDBC Bylaws requires all registrants to carry professional liability insurance in an amount of not less than 2 million dollars per occurrence.

Registrants may obtain liability insurance from:

  • Employers/Health Authorities. Please verify this coverage meets the minimum requirement set in the CDBC bylaws. Remember this coverage may not include dietetic practice performed outside the employer/ Health Authority’s jurisdiction.
  • Membership with Dietitians of Canada through LMS Prolink Ltd.
  • Westland Insurance (formerly Sheppard Insurance Service Inc.) or
  • Other private insurance providers.

In the past, applicants and registrants had to submit paper proof of professional liability insurance purchase. This is no longer required.

Now applicants and registrants legally declare they carry professional liability insurance when they apply/ renew their registration. The legal declaration is part of the Statutory Declaration section of applications for registration and reinstatement. The CDBC will no longer collect paper receipts for liability insurance. Registrants are encouraged to save proof of insurance in their personal records.

Q1: Is additional Professional Liability Insurance required for an RD who practices dietetics outside of their current insured employment?

Yes. Additional professional liability insurance must be purchased if dietetic services are delivered independent of the employer providing liability insurance. Insurance provided by an employer only covers the dietetic services delivered in that workplace

Q2: Does a registrant of the CDBC who is not working in dietetics at present, require Professional Liability Insurance?

Yes. If the current CDBC registrant is using the protected title “dietitian”, they must have professional liability insurance regardless of whether or not their current job is in dietetics. Professional liability insurance is a requirement for registration with the CDBC.

Q3: Can the CDBC help me determine if my Liability Insurance covers me appropriately? Do I need additional insurance?

The CDBC bylaws section 55 indicates that a minimum of 2 million dollars per occurrence is required for Liability Insurance. The details of what your Liability Insurance covers is up to you to understand.

Please be aware that not all Liability Insurers cover non-clinical tasks, such as social media, book writing, commercial liability for business, or volunteering. It is up to you to determine the Liability Insurance that is right for you.

The CDBC does not specify, nor does it advise its registrants on the specifics of the coverage or any additional coverage needed for business purposes. You may request a referral for legal consultation through your Liability Insurance.

Q4: I have liability insurance covered by my employer. If I choose to do a joint MD/RD presentation outside of my employment, am I covered under the physician’s E&O insurance?

Under normal circumstances, as a private practice dietitian, you require liability insurance, as it won’t be covered by your public healthcare employer. However, the physician’s E&O insurance may cover you IF you are explicitly listed on the physician’s E&O insurance policy. If you are not listed, you need your own private practice liability insurance.