Jurisprudence Requirement

The Jurisprudence Guide and Examination for Dietitians is one way the CDBC ensures protection of British Columbians.

The Jurisprudence Guide serves as the College’s reference tool for dietitians practising in BC and provides the public with insight into the nature and content of the CDBC’s regulatory processes. The Guide is divided into four chapters that review BC dietetic practice – legally, ethically, and professionally.

The online Jurisprudence Examination for Dietitians (JED) has fifty multiple choice questions that have been developed to test the knowledge in the Guide. The online examination is administered by Claymore’s SkilSure® solution.

All CDBC registrants are required to pass the Jurisprudence Examination for Dietitians (JED). Timelines for completion are:

  • Temporary registrants, including RDs from another country, must pass the JED before being granted Full registration;
  • RDs moving to BC from another province, and former CDBC registrants who are reinstating as Full registrants, must pass the JED before being granted Full registration; and
  • current Full registrants must pass the JED every 5 years.
The Jurisprudence Examination requirement became effective October 2, 2013.

How many times can the JED be attempted?

The JED requires a 100% pass score. There are unlimited attempts to pass. The JED is a non-punitive learning module designed to ensure you understand the legislative framework you must work within and what the CDBC’s expectations are when it comes to practicing dietetics safely and ethically in BC.


How is the completion of the JED confirmed?

A congratulatory message appears on the homepage of the JED program when the exam has been completed. CDBC records this information.

How do I know if my Jurisprudence Examination for Dietitians (JED) is due?

You can log in to Skilsure and select “Continuing Competence Program” and check to see if the Jurisprudence icon is available (due) or greyed out (not due). Alternatively, you can look in to top right corner to see if “Jurisprudence” has been crossed out, which means you are not due to complete the JED. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the College.