Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

The CDBC acknowledges that practicing within the concepts of equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) is a conscious decision made by all of us. We are committed to exercise our mandate of public safety and support more inclusive and fair delivery of health care to marginalized groups through the regulation of dietitians in BC.


The following links are published pages on the CDBC website where you can go for more resources related to EDI:


Key themes we are committed to work on from 2020-2023:

Category Title: Leadership Commitment
  • Finalize vision, strategy and plan based on EDI analysis findings (Completed March-May 2021)
  • Draft communication plan and communicate EDI vision and strategy to Registrants (Completed May- October 2021)
    • CDBC presented its findings to the Alliance of Canadian Dietetic Regulatory bodies in June 2021 and to the Canadian Network of Agencies for Regulation in October 2021
Category title Education And Communication
  • Increase EDI competence through education at the CDBC (Staff, Board and Committees)
    • All staff, board and committees received at least one training session on EDI competence between December 2020-September 2021
    • Continue offering at least one annual session to refresh and deepen skills and knowledge
  • Discuss EDI practice questions and educational resources with registrants and other partners
    • Education session provided at AGM in June 2021
    • Blog post published in October 2021
    • Continue publishing and updating current resources annually at a minimum
  • Communicate behaviour change initiatives with the public, registrants, and other health regulation partners
Category Title Systemic Change
  • Conduct an inclusive revision to CDBC policies and procedures to support EDI
    • Policy review and competency matrices completed in July 2021
    • Checklist and framework developed to support revision and drafting of policies completed during the Fall of 2021
    • Renewal forms changes coming for 2022-2023
  • Establish EDI support committee for focal areas (racial diversity, Indigenous)
    • Background research and analysis completed in October 2021
    • Recommendation to the Board planned for March 2022
  • Intentionally attract dietitians from underrepresented groups to join the board and committees (Ongoing)
    • Recruitment poster developed to support a more inclusive process
    • Election nomination wording reviewed to encourage diverse applicants
    • Survey circulated to all Board/Committees to measure current diversity and establish a baseline moving forward
  • Determine the need to add an accreditation standard for achieving cultural safety and humility (racial diversity, Indigenous) in addition to the latest revised entry-level competencies (Ongoing)
    • Preliminary analysis done during Summer 2021
    • Working collaboratively with BC Health Regulators on this action
Title Category: Community Engagement
  • Engage with UBC Dietetics program and relevant partners to support UBC’s effort to better attract and serve students from underrepresented groups (Ongoing)
    • Quarterly meetings to discuss and share initiatives have begun
  • Review EDI progress and revise plan if needed to ensure alignment of policies, processes, and standards (Ongoing)
    • Presented at each Board meeting
  • Engage with registrants to evaluate EDI Strategic Plan progress
    • Planned for 2023
Timeline Map for Actions towards Goals

Dietitian’s Commitment

What is your ongoing commitment to ensure EDI is implemented into your practice?

I am looking for information about Cultural Safety and Humility (CSH)

It is also important to note that although EDI differs from the concepts of cultural safety and humility, they are closely related and should be used in conjunction during practice. For more information regarding cultural safety and humility, please refer to:

Cultural Safety and Humility  and Cultural Safety and Humility Q&A

The CDBC would like to acknowledge Stephanie Herrera, UBC Dietetics Student, for collaborating in the development of the above content.