COVID-19 Update: BC’s Phased Immunization Plan

Feb 25, 2021 | Blog

On January 22, the BC government provided a detailed update on the strategy for the province’s evidence-based COVID-19 Immunization Plan.

The plan is focused on protecting those most at risk of severe disease and death, and eventually stopping the spread of COVID-19 in our communities. This means that as long as there is limited supply of the vaccine, we need to prioritize protecting those most at risk of severe illness and death.

The plan is based on scientific evidence, as well as expert advice and recommendations from the National Advisory Committee on Immunization, BC’s Immunization Committee and BC’s Public Health Leadership Committee.

The COVID-19 vaccine will be distributed equitably and ethically to people in BC, following national ethical frameworks and BCCDC’s COVID-19 Ethical Decision-Making Framework.

It is important to note that details are subject to change based on vaccine supply and emerging public health situations.

How you can stay up to date

How to provide information to patients/clients

When a patient/client asks for your advice or opinion on COVID-19 immunization, they see you as a trusted source because of your professional designation/relationship. In keeping with this relationship, we expect you to provide patients/clients with advice that is:

  • within your scope of practice
  • in line with provincial public health guidance
  • grounded in science and best practices

If providing immunizations is not within your professional role/scope of practice, you can refer patients/clients to a regulated health professional who is authorized to provide immunizations, with the competence to discuss patient/clients-specific information about immunizations or refer to recommended sources of information.

In BC, the recommended source of COVID-19 vaccine information for your patients/clients is the BC Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC) website. The Immunize BC website also has FAQs for patients.

If more information is needed, or if the patient/client has medical questions or concerns about COVID-19 immunization in relation to their personal medical condition, these are best answered by their primary health care provider.

COVID-19 safety protocols

All COVID-19 safety protocols to protect you and your clients/patients must remain in place during the rollout of BC’s COVID-19 Immunization Plan until the PHO officially communicates that it is safe to ease off or stop any of those measures.

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