Applying for RD(t) registration Q&A

Q1: Read first! Key information to know BEFORE starting on the application process.

Please note, the application for registration is meant to be filled and completed in order of the tabs presented. Do not jump or skip parts of the application as you may not be able to go back to the previous page. For example, if you jump to the payment page, you will be directed to a third-party payment portal, this means you will be locked out of your application.

Q2: I am a recent graduate from a Canadian dietetics program. What do I need to prepare for my application as a temporary registrant?

Regardless of whether you have graduated from a program in BC (UBC Dietetics) or from another Canadian Dietetics program, to work as a dietitian in BC, you must apply for registration with the CDBC. Newly graduated students must apply for temporary registration with the CDBC AFTER completion of the practicum and before writing and passing the CDRE. You must be registered with the CDBC as a Temporary Registrant and use the title RD(T) before beginning a job.

First, create an account with the CDBC. Please ensure your application is complete BEFORE proceeding to payment (see Q1).

You will be prompted to provide the following through the online application:

  • Upload scanned copies of 2 government issued photo IDs containing first and last name, and date of birth. These are not required to be notarized. (ID examples: Passport, Drivers Licence, or Health Care Card),
  • Authorise the Criminal records check (CRC),
  • Upload the scanned copy of the Statutory Declaration form (form is available within online application). The scanned copy of the form needs to have a visible signature of the notary AND their stamp/seal. If the quality of the scanned copy doesn’t allow staff to be confident about the authenticity of the form, the applicant may be requested to send the original by mail to the CDBC office,
  • Complete the Jurisprudence Examination by logging into your CDBC account and selecting “Complete Jurisprudence Examination”,
  • If you are a UBC dietetics graduate:
    • Your unofficial transcript and official letter of practicum completion will be sent to CDBC by UBC,
    • Arrange for official transcripts to be sent to CDBC when available,
  • If you are a graduate of a Canadian Dietetics Program outside of BC:
    • Upload your unofficial academic transcript to your application (official academic transcript to be sent directly from university to CDBC office when available),
    • Arrange for official letter of practicum/internship completion to be sent from your practicum coordinator to,
  • Complete payment for application, including the Criminal Records Check, for registration.
Q3: I have started an application with the CDBC, however it is not in the “Temporary Registration” Category. Did I fill out the wrong application?

CDBC’s registration application process will automatically categorize your application as Temporary Application based on your answers. Even though your application may be showing “Full registration”, the system knows that you are filling out a temporary application that will turn into a full registration once all requirements are met. If there are any issues with the application type, CDBC staff will contact you. Issues with application type will be flagged once your application is assessed, so you will have plenty of time to correct it if that is the case.

Q4: I have accepted a job with a start date. How long will it take for the CDBC to process my temporary registrant application?

Once all documents and application requirements are met by registration applicant, CDBC can take a few days or weeks to assess the application. The speed in which the application is assessed will depend on multiple factors (ex. the quality of the scans of official documents and statutory declaration forms). If further verification of the authenticity of the scans are required, there will be a delay in the application assessment. CDBC makes reasonable efforts to ensure timely processing of applications such that employment start dates can be accommodated.

Q5: I have an open application with the CDBC for Temporary Registration, and I already have a job lined up, and the employer is asking for proof of registration.

Until your application is completed, assessed, and approved, CDBC is unable to provide a verification of registration. Once your application is approved by CDBC, you will get a confirmation email highlighting the registration effective date. This date reflects the date in which your registration will be activated and reflected on the Public Register of Dietitians. Please use this email as proof of registration for your employer.

Q6: My application has been approved, but my registration certificate is not available on my CDBC account.

Registration certificates are only available on your CDBC account on the first day of registration activation. On your confirmation of registration approval email, you will find the registration effective date. Your registration certificate will be available to download on the registration effective date.

Q7: I completed my temporary registration application, but I may need to be registered with Restricted Activities. How do I determine if I need them? How do I add Restricted Activities to my registration?

To determine your need for Registration with Restricted Activities, please review the Restricted Activities section of the website.  Restricted Activities exist within an existing registration status. If you did not apply for Restricted Activities yet, please wait until your registration effective date (activation of your registration) to add Restricted Activities.

To add Restricted Activities, follow the directions of Q1 in the Restricted Activities Q&A.

Q8: I skipped the steps of the application and went straight to the payment page, now I am locked out of my application. What do I do?

Per Q1, if you skipped to the payment page, your application is now locked to ensure your information is kept secure.

If you simply have documents that needed to be uploaded to the application, email them, so your documents can be saved to your application manually.

If you left your application empty, without completing the information about your education, work, and personal information, please email to request the application to be unlocked. Please note this will cause delays to your application.



Q9: Now that I’m a Temporary Registrant, what are my responsibilities as a regulated health professional?
  • Use the proper title in your signature in health records, emails, and other marketing: “Temporary Registered Dietitian” or “RD(T)”
  • Prepare to write the CDRE by referring to the resources in the CDRE Preparation Guide
  • Review the CDBC Jurisprudence Guide and write the JED examination
  • Read the CDBC Monthly Updates and emails to stay informed of any changes that may affect your practice, and
  • Keep the CDBC updated of any changes in your contact and business (employment) information.

Email anytime if you have questions.

Q10: I am a dietetics student finishing my practice education soon. I will be writing the next available. Am I allowed to work as the only dietitian in the long-term care centre, providing that it is under a health authority and I will still be reporting to the dietetics practice lead, who is an RD?

Yes, you can work in the circumstance you describe.

Sole and private practitioner is defined in the Sole and Private Practitioner Policy on the Registration Policies and Guidelines section of the website, as “a registrant of the CDBC, working in any sector (i.e., private, public or not-for-profit sector), who is functioning independently, and in isolation, and without oversight by a CDBC Full Registrant.”

You can read the entire Policy, as well as its Interpretive Guide there, for more detail.

Q11: I am wondering if I can work as a kitchen food services assistant manager (or other nutrition role) prior to being registered as technically I don’t need to be an RD to hold that position?

You need to talk to your employer about the job qualifications. Does it advertise that RD is required? Are you expected to practice dietetics? It is up to you to determine if you have the qualifications to apply for and work in that position.

Q12: Do I need liability insurance as RD(T)? If I am RD(T), but not working at all? If I’m RD(T) and working, but not in dietetics?

Yes. Section 55 of the CDBC bylaws requires all registrants to carry professional liability insurance in an amount of not less than 2 million dollars per occurrence. More info can be found on the Liability Insurance section of the website.

Q13: Are you going into Private Practice? Read on:

Be aware that you need a mentorship agreement if you intend to work in Sole and Private Practice. See the Sole and Private Practitioner Policy and Guideline on the Registration Policies and Guidelines page.

For RD(T) going into Private Practice, you are highly recommended to view the Webinar: Marketing, Conflict of Interest/Sales, Testimonial Position Statement, Social Media Guidelines.

Yes, you need Liability Insurance!


Q14: As I begin to practice on my own, I may have practice questions. Can the CDBC help me?

Have a look at the CDBC Have a Practice Question? section of the website. If you have questions, even if you’re not sure that the CDBC is the right place to ask, you are encouraged to reach out anytime to

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