New Applicants

Only individuals registered with the CDBC may use the title “Dietitian” or “Registered Dietitian” and practice the Restricted Activities stated in the Dietitians Regulation and the CDBC Bylaws.  You may not practice as a Dietitian or use the title “Dietitian” or “Registered Dietitian” until your application for registration is approved by the College’s Registration Committee.

Who Can Apply

  • Graduates from Canadian approved programs (See approved programs here Schedule C).
  • Internationally educated Dietitians.
  • Dietitians registered with other Canadian Colleges.
  • Former Registrants.

Registration Classes

Full Registration

  • Full Registrants may use the title “Registered Dietitian” or “Dietitian” and initials “RD”.
  • Have to meet the following requirement to renew their license: submit an annual CCP, complete a criminal record check and Jurisprudence Examination every 5 years

Temporary Registration

  • Temporary Registrants may use the title “Dietitian with Temporary Registration” and initials “RD(T)”.
  • Available for applicants up to a period of one year (renewable once).
  • Must write the next available CDRE.
  • May not practice as a sole and private practitioner.
  • May not supervise another dietitian.
  • Applying for RD(t) Registration Q&A and other useful RD(t) information as you begin to practice.

Non-Practicing Registration

  • Non-Practicing registrants may use the title “Registered Dietitian – Non-Practicing” and initials “RD (NP)”.
  • Declare they will not provide dietetic services in BC.
  • Receive communications from the College
  • Do not have to submit a CCP or criminal record check, and are not require to complete the Jurisprudence Examination.