Liability Insurance

Section 55 of the CDBC bylaws requires all registrants to carry professional liability insurance in an amount of not less than 2 million dollars per occurrence.

Registrants may obtain liability insurance from:

  • Employers/Health Authorities. Please verify this coverage meets the minimum requirement set in the CDBC bylaws. Remember this coverage may not include dietetic practice performed outside the employer/ Health Authority's jurisdiction.
  • Membership with Dietitians of Canada through LMS Prolink Ltd.
  • Sheppard Insurance Service Inc. or
  • Other private insurance providers.

In the past, applicants and registrants had to submit paper proof of professional liability insurance purchase. This is no longer required.

Now applicants and registrants legally declare they carry professional liability insurance when they apply/ renew their registration. The legal declaration is part of the Statutoty Declaration section of applications for registration and reinstatement. The CDBC will no longer collect paper receipts for liability insurance. Registrants are encouraged to save proof of insurance in their personal records.