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New National Registration Requirements for Virtual Dietetic Practice
Are you a Dietitian who provides, or intends to provide, virtual dietetic care across Canada? If so, be mindful that health governance is overseen by the provinces and each province sets its own laws pertaining to cross-jurisdictional practice.
Some provinces allow cross-jursditional dietetic practice without dietitians registering in their provinces; while others do not. To avoid unauthorized practice in other provinces, be sure to review the National Registration Requirements for Virtual Dietetic Practice and contact the provinces where you intend do virtual dietetic practice.
 - 2017
Welcome to Joanie Bouchard, New CDBC Registrar! 
The Board of Directors is pleased to announce the appointment of Joanie Bouchard, MSc, RD as the College's new Registrar, starting June 12, 2017. Joanie comes to the CDBC from Quebec where she was Director of Professional Affairs for the Ordre Professionnel des Diététistes du Québec (OPDQ), Quebec's regulatory college for Dietitians. In addition to leadership and management experience, Joanie brings to the CDBC experience working with the ministry of health to expand practice legislation. She has a solid understanding of regional and national public protection issues and has represented OPDQ at national meetings of the Alliance and PDEP. The Board of Directors and staff welcome Joanie to the CDBC and Vancouver. Joanie is excited about her new position and is looking forward to the opportunity to continue the CDBC's growth. Welcome Joanie! Read full annnouncement here...
CDBC Bylaw Amendments In Force May 10, 2017.
The CDBC bylaws define the College’s governance structure, as well as its mandated activities for public protection: registration, quality assurance, inquiry and discipline. The new CDBC bylaws are in force effective May 10, 2017. Board and Committee policies are being amended to reflect the new bylaws. Below is a list of key changes relevant to Dietitian registration, practice and the Canadian Dietetic Registration Examination:
Section 41 - Full Registration
  • 41(1)(c) …the requirements for full registration are successful completion of the examination [CDRE] no more than three (3) years after the date of application for registration
Section 43 - Temporary Registration
  • 43(3)    A temporary registrant must write the examination [CDRE] at the first scheduled sitting following his or her registration;
  • 43(4)     Full registration may be granted by the registration committee to a temporary registrant upon successful completion of the examination [CDRE] and jurisprudence examination.
  • 43(5)     A temporary registrant may not:
    • supervise a full registrant, or
    • practice as a sole and private practitioner.
Section 47 - Examinations
  • 47(1) The requirements to write or re-write the examinations are:
    •  completion of all requirements for full registration in section 41(1) except the examination and
       jurisprudence examination;
    • a completed application in Form 11; and
    •  payment of the examination fee specified in Schedule “D”.
  • 47(2) Unless an extension is granted, a current or former temporary registrant who fails the examination must re-write the next scheduled examination after meeting any conditions set by the registration committee.
  • 47(3) A current or former temporary registrant who fails an initial examination is entitled to two (2) opportunities to re-write the examination.
Dietitians are responsible for knowing where to access the new CDBC bylaws and for being familiar with them.
Fern Hubbard, Registrar, is Retiring
After more than 13 years with the College of Dietitians of BC, Fern Hubbard will be retiring.  Fern has been the Registrar for the CDBC since its establishment in 2001.  Her hard work and leadership has led the CDBC from it's infancy, as a newly established College. through to our current day as an organized, respected health regulatory College.  View Fern's retirement announcement.
Public Awareness Campaign Video – BC Health Regulators
As part of the CDBC’s strategic plan, the College continues to raise the professional profile of dietitians and their ability to serve the public safely, competently and ethically. With this goal in mind, the CDBC participates in the BC Health Regulators’ Public Awareness Campaign designed to increase the public’s awareness of the importance of choosing regulated health care professionals. The campaign theme “Saying you are one doesn’t make you one” includes television spots and digital posts. The ads feature child actors impersonating health care professionals and the humorous outcomes of their “work”. The slogan is a key message for several public statements about misrepresentation of professionals, or practice without authorization, and reinforces the requirements and advantages of regulation. Dietitians are one of several health professionals featured in the series. You can view the “dietitian” ad on the BC Health Regulators website.
Article – Let’s Clear Up the Confusion Between Dietitians and Nutritionists
In July 2016, the CDBC released an op-ed article titled “Let’s Clear Up the Confusion Between Dietitians and Nutritionists”. This article is part of the BC Health Regulators’ public awareness campaign and was developed in partnership with Bridge Communications. The article focuses on the differences between the education and practice of RDs and unregulated nutritionists. It has been circulated to various media organizations and has already been published in the Kelowna Daily Courier and the online version of the Vancouver Sun. Watch for the article in your local newspaper! We also encourage you to share this article with your networks to raise the profile of dietitians as safe, competent, ethical and accountable to the BC public.
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