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Job Posting - Executive Assistant & Registration Coordinator (1 year contract; potenially renewable with possibility of becoming permanent)
The CDBC is seeking an individual with 3-5 years of experience in an dminitrative position, to fill the role of Executive Assistant & Registration Coordinator.
The position is responsible for providing support to the College by planning, organizing, coordinating and implementing administrative activities that support the College’s function and the Registrar’s role, according to established policies and procedures. The successful candidate will work with the Registrar and College staff and interact with external partners including other colleges provincially and nationally.
Please see the full job posting for detailed information. Application deadline is May 25, 2018. Target start date: Week of June 11 or,18, 2018.
Strategic Plan 2018-2021
The CDBC is pleased and proud to present the new Strategic Plan 2018-2021, approved by the Board on March 12, 2018.
The Board began work on the College's 2018-2021 strategic planning process at its October 2017 meeting. At this meeting, the Board reviewed results of surveys and an environmental scan conducted during the summer.
Over the next few months, goals and strategies were developed to determine how the College can meet its mandate, at this current stage of the organization. The Board approved the Plan after reviewing priorities and resources available for the College. 
Strategic Planning is an important process to provide common direction and engagement of the key partners of the College. We hope we can count on your continuous collaboration and commitment to reach these goals!
CDBC Bylaw Amendments In Force April 1, 2018
CDBC bylaws define the College’s governance structure, as well as its mandated activities for public protection – registration, quality assurance, inquiry and discipline. Several new CDBC bylaws came into force on April 1, 2018. Board and Committee policies are being amended to reflect the new bylaws. Below is a list of key changes relevant to Dietitian registration, reinstatement and practice:
•41 (1) (c)  successful completion of the examination and the jurisprudence examination less than 3 years prior to the date that full registration is granted;
•41 (3) Rescind Schedule F - International Jurisdictions Recognised by the Board
•43 (2) The registration of a person who has been granted temporary registration under section (1) may be renewed by the registration committee once for a period of up to one (1) year immediately following the period that the first temporary registration was granted.
•43 (5) A temporary registrant who fails the examination may practice only under direct supervision by a full registrant, as specified by the registration committee.
•43 (6) Registration in this class must be revoked if a temporary registrant fails the examination on the second attempt..
•51. (1) (c)  successfully completes the examination and the jurisprudence examination less than three (3) years prior to the date registration is granted;
•52. (1) (e)  completes the examination and jurisprudence examination less than 3 years prior to the date registration is granted;
•53. (1) (c)  successfully completes the examination and jurisprudence examination less than 3 years prior to the date that full registration is granted.
Dietitians are responsible for knowing where to access the CDBC bylaws and for being familiar with them.

New National Registration Requirements for Virtual Dietetic Practice

Are you a Dietitian who provides, or intends to provide, virtual dietetic care across Canada? If so, be mindful that health governance is overseen by the provinces and each province sets its own laws pertaining to cross-jurisdictional practice.
Some provinces allow cross-jursditional dietetic practice without dietitians registering in their provinces; while others do not. To avoid unauthorized practice in other provinces, be sure to review the National Registration Requirements for Virtual Dietetic Practice and contact the provinces where you intend do virtual dietetic practice.
 - 2017
Welcome to Joanie Bouchard, New CDBC Registrar! 
The Board of Directors is pleased to announce the appointment of Joanie Bouchard, MSc, RD as the College's new Registrar, starting June 12, 2017. Joanie comes to the CDBC from Quebec where she was Director of Professional Affairs for the Ordre Professionnel des Diététistes du Québec (OPDQ), Quebec's regulatory college for Dietitians. In addition to leadership and management experience, Joanie brings to the CDBC experience working with the ministry of health to expand practice legislation. She has a solid understanding of regional and national public protection issues and has represented OPDQ at national meetings of the Alliance and PDEP. The Board of Directors and staff welcome Joanie to the CDBC and Vancouver. Joanie is excited about her new position and is looking forward to the opportunity to continue the CDBC's growth. Welcome Joanie! Read full annnouncement here...
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