Canadian Dietetic Registration Examination

Canadian Dietetic Registration Examination (CDRE)

The Canadian Dietetic Registration Examination (CDRE) is the national examination that tests the necessary knowledge, skills, attitudes and judgement required to practice dietetics competenly.  It is developed and administered by the Alliance of Canadian Dietetic Regulatory Bodies.  The CDRE is required by every Canadian province, except Quebec, for full registration privileges. The College of Dietitians of BC is responsible for the administration of the CDRE in BC.

The CDRE is a four-hour, computer based, multiple-choice examination, offered twice each year.  The cost for each CDRE attempt is $525.00 CAD.  The maximum number of CDRE attempts permitted is three (CDBC bylaws, section 47 (3)). Temporary registrants who fail their first attempts at the CDRE are permitted to practice while under supervision by full  registrants of the CDBC.  Those who fail a second attempt at the CDRE will have their registration revoked and must undergo an assessment and and complete upgrading prior to the third and final CDRE attempt.

All those interested in taking the CDRE must submit an application to the CDBC.  Those wishing to attempt the exam must be Temporary Registrants of the CDBC to be eligible to apply for the CDRE.

As per the CDBC bylaws, section 43 (3), “a Temporary Registrant must write the [Canadian Dietetic Registration] examination at the first scheduled sitting following his or her registration” 


Examination Dates

The CDRE is offered over a six-day period twice yearly. The next CDRE sessions dates are to be determined, but will be in:

  • May 11-16 2020
  • November 2020


2020 CDRE Deadlines

  • Scheduling period for CDRE seats – begins February 10, 2020
  • March 13, 2020deadline to submit CDRE Accommodations request (CDRE Candidates Requiring Special Accommodations Form ). Depending on the accommodation request, applicants may not be able to write the exam on their preferred date or location.
  • April 24, 2020 – deadline to submit completed application to CDBC.


Seats for the CDRE are filled on a first come-first serve basis. CDRE scheduling information will be provided upon approval of the CDRE application. 



CDRE Preparation Guide 

Please review the CDRE Preparation Guides for more information on the CDRE - what to expect, sample exam questions with answer key, study resources, etc.

CDRE Preparation Guide November 2020 (English)

CDRE Preparation Guide November 2020 (French)