The CDBC Board governs and administers the affairs of the College in accordance with the Health Professions Act the Dietitians Regulation and the CDBC Bylaws.

The Board consists of six elected registrants and appointed public representative board members. The term of office for an elected Board member is two years. Elected Board members may serve a maximum of three consecutive terms.

The Committees consist of at least five persons appointed by the Board and must include: at least two public representatives, with at least one of whom must be an appointed Board member, one elected Board member and two registrants. Committee members may serve a term of up to two years and are eligible for reappointment for a maximum of three consecutive terms.

"Acting in the Public Interest" Ombudsman Office, May 2003


CDBC Milestones and Board Chairs


Governance and Structure


CDBC Vision, Mission and Value Statements


Oath of Office Affirmation Form


Conflict of Interest/Confidentiality Declaration Form